Board of Directors Leadership Team

Gilad Myerson

  • Executive Chairman

Mr Myerson has more than 25 years of extensive experience building businesses and driving value creation initiatives together with private equity funds. He joined Ithaca Energy after serving as the COO and building Theramex, a global specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to women and their health operating in over 50 countries, backed by CVC Capital. Prior to Theramex, Mr Myerson was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he co-lead the Private Equity Practice in EMEA, and served many of the leading US and European private equity funds on acquisition, value capture, transformation and exit of companies, achieving returns of 2-6x multiple of money. Mr Myerson started his career serving as a helicopter pilot in the military and the police force where he led aerial and ground operations as a formation and sector leader. Mr Myerson served as the CFO and CEO of Ithaca Energy during the Group’s transformation journey. Mr Myerson has a degree in Bioinformatics from the Bar Ilan University, 2005.