Health, Safety and the Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Ithaca Energy is committed to achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance across all of its operations. We consider our HSE performance and the health, safety and security of those who work for, with and alongside us as central to our business success.

Throughout all our operations, we encourage a positive and robust safety culture; ensuring that health and safety standards are not compromised to meet commercial objectives. We achieve this by implementing our Operational Excellence Management System which puts into action our value of protecting people and the environment and helps us achieve our vision to be the highest performing independent North Sea oil and gas company, focused on growing value, delivering safer, ever cleaner, sustainable low-cost production for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.

Operational Excellence (OE) systematically manages workforce safety and health, process safety, reliability and integrity, environment, efficiency, security and stakeholders in order to meet our OE objectives.

The OE objectives set the priorities:

  • Eliminate fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses
  • Eliminate high-consequence process safety incidents and operate with industry-leading reliability
  • Assess and manage significant environmental risks
  • Use energy and resources efficiently
  • Prevent high-consequence security and cybersecurity incidents
  • Address OE business risks through stakeholder engagement and issues management

Emergency Response

At Ithaca Energy, we aim to ensure incident free operations. We recognise, however, that where incidents do occur, effective and robust response must be provided. We therefore ensure that all relevant personnel are trained and competent in emergency response, emergency response plans are in place, and that these plans are frequently and regularly exercised to demonstrate and improve our emergency management preparedness.