Our Vision and Values

Our Core Values

Our people are core to everything we do. We are driven to succeed and realise to do so, we must TRIUMPH.TOGETHER. This is what really matters to us.

Our core values, supported by a set of behaviours, will guide us in our mission to be the Strength of the North Sea.


Bring Strength

We are resilient, agile and committed. We bring our collective talent, expertise and determination to bear daily.

  • Demonstrate excellence in safety leadership
  • Take the initiative to strengthen our business
  • Be adaptable, working in pursuit of continuous improvement


Deliver Results

We control our destinies by harnessing our ambition and pragmatism to deliver successful outcomes.

  • Take accountability and ownership for our actions
  • Work collaboratively, with a united purpose to succeed
  • Embrace innovation to create sustainable value


Express Results

We are empowered to question, sharing the right and responsibility to challenge and to use our voices in pursuit of 'best'.

  • Promote an inclusive organisation with openness, respect and trust
  • Challenge each other and our partners to act
  • Encourage different perspectives and be confident to build on ideas


Be considered

We genuinely care about making a positive impact for our people, shareholders and communities.

  • Show integrity in all our relationships
  • Support and energise one another to make a difference
  • Actively engage in our role and responsibility towards energy transition