Ithaca is committed to achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) performance across all of its operations. We consider our HS&E performance and the health, safety and security of those who work for, with and alongside us as central to our business success.

Health and Safety

Throughout all our operations, we encourage a positive and robust safety culture; ensuring that health and safety standards are not compromised to meet commercial objectives. We protect people working for and with the Company through the effective identification, understanding and management of risk and the implementation of systems to manage process safety and asset integrity.


Ithaca is committed to the principle of continuous improvement in our environmental performance. We identify where there is a potential for our operations to have an impact on the environment and put measures in place to avoid or minimise this impact. Annual environmental objectives and plans are established by the Company, and those who work for us, to monitor and measure our impact on our natural surroundings and reduce our risk of causing environmental damage.

Emergency Response

At Ithaca, we aim to ensure incident free operations. We recognise, however, that where incidents do occur, effective and robust response must be provided. We therefore ensure that all relevant personnel are trained and competent in emergency response, emergency response plans are in place, and that these plans are frequently and regularly exercised to demonstrate and improve our emergency management preparedness.

In order to meet our HS&E commitments, the Company seeks to:

  • Provide¬†the resources necessary to implement its policies and to develop and maintain our HS&E systems.
  • Provide effective leadership, training and coaching to sustain and develop workforce HS&E competency and skills and maintains a positive HS&E culture.
  • Define clear responsibilities and accountabilities for HS&E issues within the company.
  • Communicate our policy, responsibilities and performance to those who work for, with and alongside us.
  • Set realistic HS&E objectives and targets and develop action plans to measure these as a contribution towards continual improvement of our HS&E performance.
  • Ensure HS&E performance is prominent in the selection of our associates and contractors.
  • Assess and manage operations through all stages to minimise risk of harm to people, the environment and facilities.
  • Communicate and consult with stakeholders and the public and have regard for their interests when planning activities.
  • Ensure that appropriate plans and resources are in place to respond to incidents and emergencies.
  • Investigate incidents, implement recommendations to prevent re-occurrence and share lessons learned.

Download the Ithaca Health, Safety and Environment Policy

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